For the past few weeks, rumours have filled the air about Microsoft’s first update to their Windows 8 OS, which they call the “Windows Blue.” The new Windows is said to focus more on the improvisation of the desktop’s physical display. To give an idea on how your PC would be like with Windows blue, here are some of its points that the sources identified.

Half-screen snap

One of the interesting features of the existing Windows is its ability to open 2 apps at the same time, allowing you to manipulate both apps at full-screen at once. The only downside of it is the default 75/25 share screen size. With the new Windows Blue, you get to have 50/50 default screen sharing for the two apps, and the 75/25 split available in the secondary option.


For people who love to frequently change the user interface appearance, the Personalization option has been pushed to the next level. Instead of requiring you to dig deeper in the panels, here you will find the panel above the Tiles option. You just have to pull in from the right side of your screen and hit settings option.

New Apps

Along with the usual Maps, Music, and Mail tiles, 4 new apps appear on Windows Blue screen –Alarm, Calculate, Movie Moments, and Sound Recorder. The Calculate, though, is the best addition of the 4 apps. It offers scientific mode, basic math functions, and the conversion section, where it really shines.

No more accidental tile shifts

With Windows 8, it’s so easy to accidentally move a Live Tile to a new location. Windows Blue has eliminated this frustration by adding a Customization button. No more tile shifting whenever you accidentally click and move a Live Tile.