Years of working will pay off when you retire. Retirement will give you plenty of time but the challenge is how to make the most of it. You cannot just rest all throughout the day or watch television. You have to think of different activities so you will not wither in frustration and inactivity. You should remember that whatever you do must have meaning. It must satisfy some basic need and want to keep you mentally and physically healthy. Certain needs remain constant throughout life:


Security may come in different forms. It may mean good health, a sturdy house and stable income. You have the right to feel safe and protected especially during retirement or old age.


The society should recognize you as an individual with abilities and personality.


Belongingness is important in life. One should feel that they belong to a family, social group and community.


The need for new experiences, new sights and new knowledge will always prevail regardless of the age. In retirement, you are given the time to rediscover and have new adventures together with your loved ones. You should think of different activities that can inspire and motivate you.

You can for instance consider traveling. It is the most basic way to satisfy your need of adventure. Remember that wherever you travel, it isn’t enough just to sightsee; you should try to consider an interest or a hobby.

If you are interested in gardening, you should pursue it. Being outside in the fresh air and planting can bring satisfaction and peace of mind. You can also try reading. It will bring you more knowledge and it can stir your imagination. You see, retirement is not a bad thing.